As of January 2020, RowHero officially launched in the App Store. Woo hoo!

This guide is for coaches to get instant erg workout results from their team.

Haven’t used the app before?

Fantastic! Welcome to the RowHero community. :)

This section will guide you through how to create a team and save all of…

Today I turn 31.

This year, I read Ray Dalio’s Principles, in which Dalio pens a number of principles that have guided his success through life and work. He also encourages us to write down our own principles.

So naturally, I’ve decided to write a few ideas that I learned…

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of 2019 already! This holiday season I wanted to share my reflections on RowHero as a product and as a company.

RowHero started several years ago out of a personal desire to make performance improvement in rowing more data-driven to more people…

Reflections on a 5K Erg Piece

It’s decided. I’m going back to the FISA World Masters Regatta next year to defend my gold medal in the Mixed A 2x from 2018. This means it’s time to shift from maintenance training (steady state for days 🙃) to harder work.

More of these please.

A few days ago, I pulled a 5K…

As of 2019, women are banned from competing against men in USRowing events.

That means no women in men’s events, no more than 50% female rowers in mixed crews.

If you violate either of those, someone can protest against you or an official can notice and disqualify your result.


At mile 27, I cried. “This is so hard.

I had been awake for 24 hours. This was the final stretch of a 30-mile hike up and down 3 mountains with a 60-lb rowing machine strapped to my back. I had gone up and down one mountain, then another, and…

I recently listened to a Masters of Scale podcast in which Airbnb founder Brian Chesky talked through the company’s tactics for growing past the first couple of dozen users. This is especially relevant now that LineupHero has gotten some traction in the rowing community, and we’re looking to move forward.

In addition to feeling good about yourself now that it’s over, you get one of these pretty pictures of your day…

Last year almost to the day, I wrote a post called The Future of RowHero with a number of ideas that I believed would truly benefit the rowing community, ranging from real-time split and stroke rate broadcasts to coaches to an analytics platform to track athlete progress over time. …

David DeWinter

Founder at RowHero, empowering coaches and athletes around the world to reach their potential

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